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How To Track Website Visitors

Website statistics are essential to track your visitors and ensure the optimization of your website is working as planned. 6×6 design uses Google Analytics tracking as a standard option in every website we design or redesign. We’ll set up a Google account for you, install the tracking code on every page to be tracked, then set it up so you can monitor your statistics anytime you wish. Google Analytics currently provides this service free to subscribing webmasters. It’s packed full of great features including goal setting, adwords tracking, email reports, and other benchmarking tools. 6×6 Design does not charge for Google’s service. We do however charge only for a one-time installation and training fee if Google Analytics is a new installation on an existing website.

Take a virtual tour of Google Analytics to see its features in this video:

A Note About Website Hits and Visitor Statistics

Most people have heard the term website “hits.” Hits however are not of much use compared to website visit statistics. Hits and visitor statistics are not the same thing. Hit statistics are often very high numbers even on a website with little to no visitor traffic. Hits occur every time a web browser or search robot pulls a file from the website server, including images. Visitor statistics are more valued information than hit statistics. Visitor statistics only track users who actually clicked your link and visited your website. Visitor statistics are what should be used to benchmark your website.

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