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Our Services

Our Web Development Services

Free Consultation and Estimates

Tell us your website’s address and will provide you with a visual inspection of an existing website’s source code, meta tags, navigation structure, updates and content to create awareness of any obvious errors and missed SEO opportunities. This is not a complete SEO evaluation which includes off-page optimization and back links, however obvious findings are disclosed along with a free comprehensive suggested plan to correct.

Affordable Customized Websites

The overall cost associated with designing and maintaining a web site is by far less expensive than a small-sized ad in a phone book! By the way, when was the last time you used a phone book? We develop custom websites with modular design that’s fully upgradeable and forward compatible to changes on the Web. This development technique allows us to develop your website with less labor and therefore keeping your overall cost very low. If you’ve shopped around, you’ll see we are very competitive! Give us a call or email today.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search marketing consists of on-page and off-page website optimization techniques known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO to draw visitors to your website. It may also consist of paid ads that appear in various places such as the top or side of the search results. When a visitor reaches your website, statistics are gathered to monitor virtually everything about their visit, and most importantly, whether or not they reached your ultimate goal. And yes, viral marketing (word of mouth online via Social Media and offline) is search marketing too. A more commonly known label thrown around these days to describe the age of viral marketing is Social Media. Your website can receive large amounts of quality traffic by being socially active in networks (such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums or chat rooms) and building trust and reputation aimed toward your business — all at little to no cost! Is your business being found by the top 90% of consumers? Do you have someone designated to monitor your current website statistics and making needed changes? If you cannot answer yes to either of these two questions, it’s definitely time to make Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a major part of your marketing efforts. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Website Redesign

Even if your website was built two or three years ago, it is not uncommon at all to still find websites built upon outdated structural web design or SEO techniques from the early 1990′s! The fact is anyone can build a website but very few know how to fully develop AND market one properly. 6×6 Design builds and optimizes websites to compete in your marketplace online, locally, nationally or world-wide. Contact us with your website address and we will quickly review your website and tell you if we spot SEO errors — free. Don’t worry, your email address or phone number will remain confidential and will not be added to any mailing lists.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your website is lacking the search engine traffic you wanted, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a highly effective tool to find the trouble, make the needed repairs and then analyze the revised website results for progress. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process of optimizing a website’s content, code, and off-site factors as well to allow a website to compete high on page one of the organic search engine results; the free search results. Contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate.

SEO Copywriting

The object to a business website is to sell and copywriting for a website properly can target your web pages individually. In fact, each web page can act like its own home page. So when copywriting is combined with SEO, something magical happens — website visitors come, and not just people either! Search engines are attracted to your website too. They want to take your valuable content and place it in their index for search results. Copywriting for SEO targets keywords and key phrases within your content. The whole idea is to attract search engine spiders (define) to your website to look for more. Generally speaking, the more useful content a search engine spider finds, the more popular your website could appear in search results for your keyword terms.

Guaranteed Results

6×6 Design wants your confidence in our services. Therefore, unlike many other SEO firms, we guarantee search engine ranking results or we keep working at it until the desired results are achieved. After all, our reputation relies on your business’s success. Learn more here.

Website Visitor Statistics

Website statistics are essential to track your visitors and ensure the optimization of your website is working as planned. 6×6 design uses Google Analytics tracking as a standard option in every website we design or redesign. We’ll set up a Google account for you, install the tracking code on every page to be tracked, then set it up so you can monitor your statistics anytime you wish. Google Analytics currently provides this service free to subscribing webmasters. It’s packed full of great features including goal setting, adwords tracking, email reports, and other benchmarking tools. 6×6 Design does not charge for Google’s service. We do however charge only for a one-time installation and training fee if Google Analytics is a new installation on an existing website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media describes today’s Internet generation as being socially interactive. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are just a few of the most popular platforms used by billions of people every day. From a business perspective, anyone can publish online content in the form of text, audio and video which could either help or harm a business. From a marketing perspective, Social Media has changed the way businesses market themselves.

Mobile Browser-Friendly Website Design (Responsive Website)

This is standard practice with all new websites we build. Our developing methods ensure your website is not only cross-browser friendly but mobile friendly too!

Content Management Systems, or CMS

Imagine having a website that you can simply log into without any knowledge of building or editing websites and enabling you to click on a page to change the text. How about adding a photo or video? Or maybe just switching the font or color? It is certainly possible, and actually nothing new to the website industry. Such a user-friendly website is called a Content Management System, or CMS. WordPress is what 6×6 Design prefers to use as a CMS. WordPress is the largest known open source blogging platform available and used by a large majority of the most influential businesses (CNN, New York Times, etc.) and personal bloggers around the world. But it’s just that — WordPress is well-known for blogging and not so much as a CMS website. The open source version of WordPress requires some PHP and HTML language knowledge, however once installed, it is by far the simplest user-friendly CMS available. I’ve installed literally dozens of WordPress blogs and I’ve seen just how far along WordPress has developed over the years. It is an amazing system.

Website Hosting

6×6 Design uses WiredTree.com’s new and very powerful dedicated server plans to host our own websites as well as yours. Dedicated IP addresses are available at an additional cost of $12 per month. Does not include cost of SSL certificates if needed.

Logo Design

Do you need a logo? We can create one for you as well as provide you with all of the necessary files sizes for other offline marketing uses.

Have More Questions? Ready To Start?

See our Prices page for more details too. We highly suggest reviewing our Planning Your Website checklist next. This list contains questions we commonly ask our clients to help us better understand your needs. When you’re ready, simply contact us for a free consultation and estimate here or call 585-861-7483.

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