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WordPress as a Content Management System

Imagine having a website that you can simply log into without any or little knowledge of building or editing websites and enabling you to click on a page to change the text. How about adding a photo or video? Or maybe just switching the font or color? It is certainly possible, and actually nothing new to the website industry. Such a user-friendly website is called a Content Management System, or CMS.

WordPress – A Simple Low-Cost CMS Alternative!

WordPress is certainly not new. In fact it’s the largest known open source blogging platform available and used by a large majority of the most influential commercial and personal bloggers around the world since 2003. But it’s just that — WordPress is well-known for blogging and not so much as a CMS website. The open source version of WordPress requires some PHP and HTML language knowledge, however once installed, it is by far the simplest user-friendly CMS available. We’ve installed literally dozens of WordPress blogs and we’ve seen just how far along WordPress has developed over the years. It is an amazing system. That’s why we want you to know about it.

Today’s online advertising for business heavily involves  Social Media Marketing. In fact, it is what I’m doing right now with you. A static website (a non-CMS website) can be updated to take advantage of the tools needed to be involved with social media marketing, but usually at a cost – the cost of having the webmaster do it for you and the fee charged to do it and maintain it. With WordPress, YOU have the control of your website instead, and without the fees. Of course, we offer the consultation needed to learn the beginning stages for free. Gradually you will find WordPress is very easy to use – and fun to use!

Rather than trying to explain everything in writing, let me just take you for a tour:

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