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Has Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Changed? You Decide

Anyone who’s ever owned a business or was looking for a product or service utilizes word-of-mouth advertising. Hands-down… it’s the best advertising money can’t always buy. No TV commercial or any other ad can beat it. The internet hasn’t changed that one bit. Word-of-mouth advertising is still as relevant as ever and even more so…Continue Reading

How to Use a Hashtag… What’s a Hashtag?

How to Use a Hashtag… What’s a Hashtag?

Hashtag definition: the pound sign, or # symbol used to categorize keywords common in Social Media posts. Twitter started using to categorize messages back in 2007 but it’s use has become universal now in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to do the same exact thing. There’s a right way and wrong way to use it so…Continue Reading

Are You Already Social in Media? Find Out!

Social: Do YOU like to talk directly to your customers or clients? Do YOU believe in great customer service skills? Do YOU use email regularly for business? Do YOU believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising? Do YOU occasionally watch videos when someone sent you one to watch? If you can answer ‘YES’ to…Continue Reading