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Redesigning A Website

It is Never Too Late to Redesign Your Website!

In fact, you’re probably losing more money from it than it costs to repair it. If your website is just not well designed, visitors perceive this about your business too. You could be the absolute best at what you do but if one link on your website doesn’t work or your pages take too long to load, you look bad, and you just lost a sale.

Indicators of a Website Needing a Redesign

  • You rarely get phone calls or emails from your website; maybe less than twice a week.
  • The title bar (the very top-left of the screen) says “Home Page” or “Welcome”, your business name, or anything other than what the page is about.
  • Your domain name includes the web host’s name in it (e.g. www.yourname.yourhostname.com).
  • Your navigation is confusing or you have very little navigation.
  • You have some links that don’t work or create a 404 error.
  • You still pay for phone book ads!
  • You have marquee scrolling text or images.
  • Your website was built with mostly Flash animation.
  • You can’t click, hold, drag and highlight 95% or more of the text on any given web page.
  • All of your products and services are listed on one page.
  • Your product or service descriptions are less than 300 words each.
  • Flash animation consumes more than 25% of any web page.
  • Images consume more than 50% of any web page.
  • You don’t know your website visitor statistics.
  • Updating your website is time-consuming or just too tedious.
  • And this list just scratches the surface!

The Next Step

6×6 Design will conduct an interview with you to learn more about your product or service and website goals. Then we’ll develop a design plan and estimate to build or enhance a low cost but highly effective marketing tool – your website – that will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, locally, regionally, nationally, or world-wide. All consultations and estimates are FREE.

Have  More Questions? Ready To Start?

We highly suggest reviewing our Planning Your Website checklist next. This list contains questions we commonly ask our clients to help us better understand your needs. When you’re ready, simply contact us for a free consultation and estimate here or call 585-861-7483.

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