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Google+ Local Map Optimization

Google Places, formerly Google Local and a couple of other names, allows businesses to have a local search engine listing in Google Maps. The best thing about Google’s local results is that they show up first or mixed in near the top with regular organic (free) search results. In fact, you don’t even have to…Continue Reading

Pay Per Click Advertising-PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads? Pay Per Click ads, commonly known as PPC or Cost Per Click, are the “sponsored” link ads found to the right and sometimes the top of the search results. Basically, when someone clicks on your ad link, you pay a fee to the search engine whether you convert the sale…Continue Reading

Keyword Research Tools and Techniques – Part 2

In Part 1 of this introductory tutorial series, we used an example business type to discover how to create an overall theme for the example website, “John’s Auto Repair”. In this article, we’ll learn to use some free and simple tools to help confirm our keywords are good to use and maybe even find others we didn’t think of.Continue Reading

Keyword Research Tools and Techniques – Part 1

In the last article, I talked about introductory SEO titled “Search Engine Optimization and Your Business 101” where i focused on an understanding of search engine use and how content impacts your website search results. In this article, I want take this to the next level and focus on how to run a simple “do-it-yourself”…Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization and Your Business 101

Your content could contain images, videos, audio, flash animation, and text. But everything besides text is meaningless to search engines unless it has description text assigned to it. The whole idea of getting your website found revolves around the principle of having quality, unique content.Continue Reading