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Do-It-Yourself WordPress SEO – Part 4


In Part 3, we wrapped up how the meta data can be edited on each and every blog post and pages of the website. By now you should understand the point of doing all of this work: to broaden the search efforts of your website and allow the opportunity to have more than one landing page appear in the search results for many different ket terms of your website. You see, most people have websites that only focus on the home page. The home page is important, but not tweaking the other pages is a missed opportunity. You can have this edge over some of your online competitors!

This last tutorial addresses taking the knowledge you’ve gained so far and applying it to the blog on your website. Blogs are very popular in search results, often because their content is updated and linked to often. You should seriously take advantage of the blog’s power to help your website edge over your online competitors. I’ve already made a You Tube video tutorial on blogging for an automotive website group so I suggest visiting it before watching this video. Regardless of the industry you’re in, the blogging concepts in the video are universal.

To finalize this tutorial, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this information and hesitant when it comes to applying it. I understand. This is my business it it has taken years to learn what I know. If you feel that your time is better spent elsewhere BUT feel doing this stuff is important, you may want to consider my consultation services to manage your SEO for you. I’d be happy to offer you an estimate. You can contact me here or call 585-861-7483.

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