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Do-It-Yourself WordPress SEO – Part 3

More on Meta Data

In Part 2, we introduced you to the SEO plug-in. Now we’ll put it into action and see how it affects the page content, and more importantly, how search engines and people will view your changes.

We’ll also talk about Heading tags. Heading tags are meta data you control to show the hierarchy of the page’s content. In fact, the title of this page is an H1 title, the “More on Meta Data” is an H2 title. Most people have learned to use it for formatting the size of the font – not what it’s for at all!  Title tages like H1, H2, H3 etc. provide information on the structural hierarchy of a document. It facilitates accessibility as well as web code standards. In most cases, using this order of heading identification will make your document easier for not only your readers, but also search engine spiders browsing your content as well. Go to Part 4 here.

For a larger video view, click on 'Full Screen'
For a larger video view, click on 'Full Screen'

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