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WordPress – Why You Need It

WordPress, a blogging platform, started in 2003 and quickly grew to the largest and most popular Open Source (free) community-driven blogging platform today. I used to hand-code websites, as did many website designers (and some for whatever reason still do) until I discover the power of WordPress many years ago. I’ve never looked back. I…Continue Reading

Do-It-Yourself WordPress SEO – Part 4

This last tutorial addresses taking the knowledge you’ve gained so far and applying it to the blog on your website. Blogs are very popular in search results, often because their content is updated and linked to often. You should seriously take advantage of the blog’s power to help your website edge over your online competitors.Continue Reading

Do-It-Yourself WordPress SEO – Part 3

More on Meta Data In Part 2, we introduced you to the SEO plug-in. Now we’ll put it into action and see how it affects the page content, and more importantly, how search engines and people will view your changes. We’ll also talk about Heading tags. Heading tags are meta data you control to show…Continue Reading