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Facebook For Business Marketing

How Can Facebook Be Used For Business?

Many people think of Facebook as idle time reconnecting with friends and family, but it can do so much more than that. Facebook can be used as both a business and personal connection. IT IS NOT a tool for aggressively pushing your products or brand. After all, who likes to watch or read your commercials?

Facebook is a great way to be personal with your business customers or clients. When you share your thoughts, advice or how-to’s with great care, people you’re connected to respond with attention and a sense of trust. You gradually become an authoritative resource that gets passed around and draws interest. It’s no different than having idle chat with a customer who just walked into your store. You chat with them to make them feel welcome. If you ran up to them and pushed your sales pitch in their face, they’d likely walk – or run – away. Remember that on Facebook! The same applies.

Here’s the fun part. As you share your stuff on Facebook with those you are friend with, their account tells others they are connected to (or friends with) about your latest post. So you see, one friend can turn into several at a time. That’s how content posted on Facebook can quickly go viral.

Another factor: your posts being passed around can also contain links back to your Facebook page or website or any other place you’d like people to visit. The links are also discovered by search engines and are searchable on Facebook too!

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  • It’s FREE! Set up a business page and brand yourself to everyone using Facebook.
  • Facebook is HIGHLY searchable in Google and other search engines.
  • Google’s search algorithm includes up-to-the-second Facebook posts and comments!
  • 400+ million users are on Facebook at least 2-5 hours per day. One simple ‘Like’ can have a snowball effect in a matter of minutes.
  • The largest corporations in the world use Facebook to monitor, promote and sell their brand or products. It’s been standard marketing practice for 7+ years.
  • Facebook gives free statistics about your page traffic.

Facebook Marketing Tools

  • Build a business page or “Fan Page”. This separates your personal profile from your business.
  • Create a custom banner/logo for your business page background.
  • WordPress plugins that connect your blog posts to Facebook when published.
  • Facebook app that connects to Twitter and makes your Facebook post a Tweet too automatically.

Contact me and I’ll help you determine a Facebook marketing strategy!

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