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New Website Start-up Check List

OK, you have a website now. If it’s through me, it’s likely built with WordPress as a Content Management System if done recently, or it’s a static page website built from scratch. Whatever you have, now you would like to see it perform.

Here’s a TOP 10 website start-up check list to be sure you’re getting the most of your website:

  1. CONTENT! Be sure to complete the content of each page on your website! Try to have at least 200-300 words or more per page and place the most important words (keywords) in the page’s H1 title and within the first paragraph. Make sure you have the correct address and phone number as well.
  2. GOOGLE ANALYTICS! If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Google Analytics to track your website visitors and trends. I can add the tracking code to your website for you.
  3. GOOGLE LOCAL! You know that little map at the top of the search results? You can register your business for FREE to be included there! Just go to Google Local Business Center and sign up. It takes a little while sometimes to appear there so be patient.
  4. B2B DIRECTORIES! To name a few that offer online registration and a link: Yelp.com, MerchantCircle.com, YellowPages.com, YellowBook.com and others. Most online directories are free, however many offer upgrades – be careful! Not every upgrade is worth-while. Use their free link for a year first. If it made any money for you, then considering upgrading. Other paid directories include Yahoo ($299/yr) and Business.com (also $299/yr). I’m not saying you need to get these but these ar higher quality directories and may be worth paying for, depending on your business type. Do some more research and see who else advertises with them first.
  5. START BLOGGING ASAP! Your blog adds content so use it wisely. Be sure to watch my video about blogging here.
  6. VIDEO! Know a kid with a digital video camera? Make a short (less than 10 minutes) You Tube “welcome” video of your business and staff and place it on the home page. You Tube is FREE and owned by Google and the description text used to describe the video is searchable too. Why do you think I have so many videos? Hmmm…
  7. ADVERTISE YOUR WEB ADDRESS! Make sure your customer know you have a website. In fact, make it a part of your regular conversation. It’s easy: “Did you know I have a new website? I run specials on there so check it out”.
  8. DISPLAY YOUR WEBSITE PUBLICALLY! Place signs around your place of business, put your webs address on your business cards, make flyers with the web address on it, place specials on a web page or blog page, and encourage them to leave testimonials on your website. This will quickly build returning website visitors.
  9. GET INVOLVED WITH FORUMS AND BLOGS! To quickly get some traffic to your website, participating in other blogs and forums and sharing good quality and relevant information with them is a great way to pass along a link to your site.
  10. MONITOR YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC! In step#2, I mentioned getting Google Analytics for your website. Be sure to go to it regularly and see how people are finding and navigating your website. This data can help you spot trends and may suggest needed changes or updates to your website.

If you haven’t done so already, consider upgrading your static website to a WordPress Content Management System website.This would allow you to have total control of your website WITHOUT needed to know about code, servers, uploading, or anything else involved with creating web pages. It is a simple do-it-yourself system.

WordPress is an open source blogging platform. But blogging is such a small part of it’s potential. I love this platform mainly because it offers a SEO optimized website almost out of the box. With some tweaking, it’s a well-oiled search engine machine and user-friendly for just about anybody administering it.

If you’re interested in having 6×6 Design upgrading your website to WordPress CMS, give me a call at 585-861-7483 or send me an email and I’ll give you a free estimate asap.

Now get to work!

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  1. Amazing, discovered your post on digg.Happy I finally tested it out. Not sure if its my Firefox browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really tiny? However, love your webpage and will return.See Ya

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