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YouTube Video For Business Marketing

How Can YouTube Videos Be Used For Business? YouTube.com is the world’s 2nd largest search engine just under Google. In fact, Google owns YouTube! YouTube videos are HIGHLY searchable (of course they are – Google owns it!) and often given in search results. YouTube is used for business related search for things like: How-To videos…Continue Reading

Twitter For Business Marketing

How Can Twitter Be Used For Business? Twitter is fast, highly social and only allows up to 140 characters to be typed in at a time. Many think it’s a total waste of time but too many people use it to ignore. Twitter spreads links and news extremely fast. It’s about as popular as Facebook…Continue Reading

Facebook For Business Marketing

How Can Facebook Be Used For Business? Many people think of Facebook as idle time reconnecting with friends and family, but it can do so much more than that. Facebook can be used as both a business and personal connection. IT IS NOT a tool for aggressively pushing your products or brand. After all, who…Continue Reading

Are You Already Social in Media? Find Out!

Social: Do YOU like to talk directly to your customers or clients? Do YOU believe in great customer service skills? Do YOU use email regularly for business? Do YOU believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising? Do YOU occasionally watch videos when someone sent you one to watch? If you can answer ‘YES’ to…Continue Reading

Finally! The new and improved 6×6 Design…

Finally! The new and improved 6×6 Design website is live! Do me a favor and stop by and Like Me and Google +1 me. Thanks! Website Designers Rochester NY and Penfield | 6×6 Design LLC, Rochester NY 14625 Local Website Designers in Rochester NY, 14625, 6×6 Design LLC builds easy-to-use WordPress Content Management System websites,…Continue Reading

Blogging For Business

What Are Blogs? Technically, a blog is just a website that allows a person to journal while allowing readers to interact with comments on those journal entries. The term “blog” is short for web log with the intent of publishing personal content or views to be made public. Like a regular website, a blog can…Continue Reading

Pay Per Click Advertising-PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads? Pay Per Click ads, commonly known as PPC or Cost Per Click, are the “sponsored” link ads found to the right and sometimes the top of the search results. Basically, when someone clicks on your ad link, you pay a fee to the search engine whether you convert the sale…Continue Reading

How To Maintain A Website

Just like an automobile, a website requires periodic maintenance to keep it running efficiently. When periodic maintenance is neglected, a website can become static and less important to search engines as time passes. Most search engines deploy automated web search “spiders.” This automated and highly sophisticated “spider” crawls through servers on the entire web day…Continue Reading